Sport Fencing Data Services

The single most complete source of fencing data in the world.

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Our Data Set Includes


Head-to-head Bouts


Licensed Fencers



Data Sources

  • International Fencing Federation (FIE)
  • European Fencing Confederation (EFC)
  • USA Fencing
  • AskFRED
  • More to come...

Services and Solutions

  • Raw Data Exports
  • API Access for Analysis or Application Development
  • Customized Data Cleaning and Scrubbing Services
  • Custom Reporting, Analysis, and Services

Data Collected (where available)

  • Membership/License Information
  • Tournament & Event Level Data
  • Event Preregistrations
  • Event Seeding
  • Event Results
  • Bout-level Results
  • Fencing Club Data
  • Referee Ratings
  • Referee Assignments
  • Points Lists

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