14meters Is On A Break

Hello everyone,

Today I'm shutting down 14meters. I'm intending this to only be a temporary action, but I don't currently foresee being able to re-open it any time soon.

"Why?", you are proably asking. It has come down to two things:

First, I don't feel like it is fair to anyone for me to provide a second-class product. 14meters is not in a very good place right now, for a variety of reasons -- some within my control and some outside of my control. I'm getting many support requests every day and I simply don't have time to answer or address any of them. 14meters has always been my hobby, but I simply don't currently have time for this hobby right now.

Second, the market is currently unwilling to support 14meters. 14meters is a free service, but my infrastructure costs are growing every day. I've attempted to monetize 14meters several times in the past, but every attempt resulted in failure. The costs of operating 14meters are growing beyond affordability for me right now. Until I have a better solution to this problem, I'm unable to keep things running as they have been.

I understand that some people will probably be upset at this. But I hope that most people will understand. Feel free to email me at admin@14meters.com if you have any questions or concerns.