Stop wasting time with paper and pencil.

14meters automatically tracks your fencing bout history and competitive statistics.

Fence more, write less.

Your entire competitive fencing career analyzed and cataloged.

14meters does all the hard work for you.

Do you already have a Fencing Journal?

Throw your Fencing Journal into the trash and let 14meters track your data for you! We're checking AskFRED and US Fencing results hourly. Soon, we'll have FIE results and allow for custom-entered bouts!

With 14meters, you can go beyond the basic data analysis. Want to know how well you perform against lefties or how often you upset higher seeds? We can help.

No Fencing Journal yet?

You probably aren't recording your bouts because its a pain to do. It feels more like a homework assignment than gathering critical data about your competitive results.

But keeping up with a Fencing Journal is a key way to track and improve your competitive results. With 14meters, you can put in zero effort and still receive meaningful data and critical analysis. No pain, big gain!

14meters is currently tracking 202,165 Fencers and 5343 Referees.

Always Fresh Data

We're checking for fresh data hourly. Your data and statistics are always up to date and fresh.

Full Bout History

Access every data point available online as far into the past as possible. No restrictions or limits.

Lifetime Statistics

We analyze your data and display trends. Do you know how often you win bouts that go to 4-4? We do.

Email Notifications

We'll let you know the second new data is reported against your account.

Qualification Paths

We'll sort through your results and let you know what we think you're qualified for.

Notes, Strength Factors, and more!

The future holds lots of new features -- and if you have an idea, you can always drop us a line to suggest it!

Still not sure? Take a look at a limited example account to get an idea of what to expect:

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Save time and improve your fencing for the cost of a latte.

All plans include a 30-day money back guarantee! If you're not happy, contact us for a full refund.

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Custom bouts
Monthly email reports

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$ 39 /month
50 Fencers
AskFRED bouts
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Higher volume accounts and custom development are possible — please send us an email to discuss further.